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WELCOME to the Discussion Group

The purpose of this discussion group is to discuss the issues!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just because a person has a different opinion does not warrant name calling. Young or old, your opinions about the issues are important. If you want your message to remain on the board, please stop the name calling.

As tempting as it may be, please refrain from vulgar language. Vulgar posts will be removed if/when discovered.

A note on name calling - Please STOP! The integrity [(Pronunciation: (in-teg'ri-tE) - thank you anonymous poster] of this web site is based on the knowledge gained about the issues and not who can call the other a nasty name. Quite frankly, if you decide nobody but John is your choice based on the issues, then we respect your freedom of choice.

You may:


The fine print

Disclaimer: Posts on this site do not represent the opinions of encourages all visitors to utilize the message boards to discuss the issues. Just as has exercised our freedom of speech, we encourage visitors to use this message board. does not edit, delete or alter posts unless they are found to be vulgar, threatening or otherwise illegal. Posts that are altered  by shall remain on the board with a administrative notation. This message board is available for everyone to be used as a learning tool.

Note regarding minors - recognizes that children may access this site to become informed about government and politics. We do not verify ages and therefore encourage all persons below 18 years of age to have parental permission prior to posting information on this site. Regardless, children should never post personal information on this or any website.


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Go John Go...Away!

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