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This web site is dedicated to the residents of Fairfield (CT) who are tired of being lied to by the John Metsopoulos administration.


Your vote made a difference!!!!!!

Ken Flatto has won!

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The Issues

On November 2, 2001 the Connecticut Post published an editorial supporting John Metsopoulos for another term as Selectman. We will include a link to the editorial so you can read the flawed reasoning behind it. The editorial cites his handling of the Beach/Fairfield University, School and AAA Bond rating issues as supporting  arguments for him. believes that the Connecticut Post has not been reading the stories that it and other Publications have been printing (other than about Mayor Ganim).


1) Ask John what the projected Tax increases are going to be? Why are they different than the Town Fiscal Officer's estimates? Do they not get along now either?

2) Why does the High School solution cost less when brought to a vote but a couple months down the road cost more and more?

3) What has John done for senior housing, open space?

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Please read more about the issues below

Tax increases and bonding issues The AAA bond rating was not achieved under the Metsopoulos administration. In fact, the town of Fairfield has had this rating for many years. However, given a projected tax increase of 18% to 20%, it will be interesting to see if Fairfield will continue to have this rating next year.

The AAA bond rating is a credit to the previous administrations sound fiscal management practices and is earned over time, not just a single 2 year term.


School construction, location and population


Question: What is the difference between a child attending school on Burr Street and one attending school on Thompson Street?

Answer: Nothing

Question: What is the difference between a school on Burr Street and one on Thompson Street?

Answer: To compare apples to oranges - how about eating dinner at Burger King instead of Centros or Tommys.

What about parity? An elementary school in one section of town should be the same as an elementary school in another. Lose the skylights and the arches and lets save some tax dollars.


Relations with Selectman, departments and boards


Like a CEO of a company, the First Selectman represents the Town and it's people. Screaming and yelling, alienating those that have different opinions and complaining about department heads and employees in a bar are unacceptable for the First Selectman.

Working together. The strength of the Selectman form of government is that constructive discussion and problem solving can be accomplished when three educated people sit down to discuss an issue. Unfortunately, John has tried to eliminate 2 elected officials from the process. Canceling regular meetings, calling special meetings to limit discussion to his agenda items only and not sharing critical information with others  has scarred Fairfield Politics for ever.

Not only does John refuse to  work with the Democrats, he can't work with half of the Republican Party.


Status of Recreation Center at Fairprene Property


Initiated under a previous administration, the Metsopoulos Administration has taken every opportunity to stonewall and drag its feet through the mud. Overstating health risks, inflating costs, anything to make the previous administration look bad.


The Beach


The Connecticut Post wrote an editorial on November 2, 2001 supporting John Metsopoulos for Selectman and cited his management of the Beach/Fairfield University issue early in his term.  Two things - Ask the residents at the Beach how things are going and have you read the police briefs lately in your paper? 


Train Station and Office Complex


What a great idea! It is now just as it was when the FLATTO ADMINISTRATION first proposed it. As is in normal John fashion, the estimated revenue is overly optimistic. It is pretty obvious that John's announcement  of this mega-train station was rushed to be out before the election - secret meetings, handshakes and god forbid you tell the other two sitting selectman what is going on. Is there a binding contract yet or is the contractor still on the honor system?

The Flatto plan made more sense when considering size and occupancy. And should the State help pay for more of the costs since this station will benefit the entire Region?


Open space


How much Open Space has been acquired under the Metsopoulos Administration?

Affordable Senior Housing


How much Senior Housing has been created under the Metsopoulos Administration?

Discuss the Issues

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